Hello, I'm Jan Kraus

I'm frontend architect, rails developer & web consultant

Caballo Blanco

Kilka dni temu minęła rocznica śmierci Caballo Blanco. Wspaniała postać, która zainspirowała Christophera McDougalla do napisania “Born to Run”.

Spring run #1

Co prawda nie ma jeszcze kalendarzowej wiosny, ale pogoda kwalifikuje ten bieg do kategorii wiosennej. Korzystając z wolnego weekendu postanowiłem wybrać się wreszcie na trochę dłuższe wybieganie. Dłuższe to takie powyżej 10km. Ostatnio jakoś nie było łatwo. Rano zazwyczaj ulegałem przekonaniu, że to za wcześnie, wieczorem – zbyt późno. No ale dziś wreszcie udało się.

Running recap of 2013

Since 2010 running has become an important part of my life and I couldn’t imagine myself without it. So, year 2013 has come to an end and I’d like to take a look back on the important events that happened to me during that time. I will also share my thoughts about gear and tools I’ve used. 

Hacking4good with Geeklist

Some days ago I’ve got wonderful opportunity to participate in Hack4good hackathon in Dublin. The event was organized by Geeklist, the social platform for web developers. It was also a part of WebSummit conference in Dublin. The idea? Hack for charities, NGO organizations and help solve real world problems to make world better.

Hello World Again?

So I say hello again. With almost year break from blogging I finally decided to go back. I need this. I need my website as a basic platform of expression. Despite feeling really anxious about it, I kinda miss writing much. With this blog again, I want to share my thoughts on my work, life and passions.

Where do you go to disappear?

Everyone needs this. When things go bad, when things go great. We need this place. To contemplate, to catch, to be. We need this place and we will find it. It’s there. Almost. But we will get there. I will.

I promise, this is last change here. Less was too much and I had wrong focus. The way is not around, but right here, ahead.

Where do you go to disappear?


After couple of months of idling, I finally decided to relaunch my blog again. Switching back from Tumblr to WordPress I won’t keep my old blog posts and resources since I don’t find them important. It was just random noise that doesn’t matter anymore.

So back to WordPress, I made my own theme. Its simple, responsive & built with HTML5 and CSS3. Nothing fancy in fact but I like it that way. Let it be new home for my thoughts, ideas, photos and just any stuff I’ll decide to post.