Caballo Blanco

Kilka dni temu minęła rocznica śmierci Caballo Blanco. Wspaniała postać, która zainspirowała Christophera McDougalla do napisania “Born to Run”.

Looking back, that’s when I knew the search was over. We didn’t ease up—we soon got back on the trail and kept beating the brush until daylight faded—but the adrenaline charge which had kept us hammering for three days had been subtly re-channeled from urgency into potency. No one said it, but we’d begun to enjoy the run, to the point where it felt less like a rescue and more like a tribute. I kept catching myself thinking, “I never would have known these guys without Caballo. I never would have even attempted a run like this before I met him.” We’d lost Caballo — we could feel it — but the Caballo-feeling was taking over.

Wspaniały tekst autora “Born to Run” o poszukiwaniach Caballo.

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