First day of the spring

I’m not exactly sure whether it was last day of winter or the first day of spring. But as usual, we’ve set for a run. Initially, we’ve actually planned to go somewhere else, but because of some unforeseen event day before, we’ve settled for a shorter route in Lasek Wolski. Actually, it was the same route we did a week before, but this time in opposite direction. Well, I must tell you – it was worth it!

The route

The route is not that long. It spans for about 13 kilometers, one big loop through Lasek Wolski. There are many trails in that area so we’ve picked and mixed couple of them, often changing directions. The terrain is mixed, many ravines, muddy paths, some asphalt paved roads, downhills and uphills – it really is a quite technical route.

Krzysiek jumping over some mud...

Going strong

This time, I’ve felt quite good during the whole route. We’ve traversed south side of the hill, perhaps taking a couple of first kilometers too fast. But anyway, it’s a gentle mixture of different terrain so there was still time to recover when we were going uphill. Usually, on the trail runs, we don’t push that hard. So walking up was okay. But I’ve managed to push the path to the top of the Piłsudski’s Mound. That’s my personal challenge and I always push there to the limits.

Relax time
There are many paths out there

Some parts of the trails are actually very nicely prepared. There are steps, carved and secured on the ground, occasional wooden bridges, paved paths and trails markers on the trees. It is a really huge difference, just 15 minutes drive and you are in a very nice location. Can’t wait to see it during spring.

Going down
Some parts of the trails are actually very nicely prepared

The colors

What I really like about running is, that even if we run in the same place – every time there is something different. Last time it was almost raining, and everything was wet, muddy and grayish. This time however, it was much warmer and the warm colors appeared on the photos too. Especially I like the green moss covering the rocks in the Wolski Dół ravine located in Panieńskie Skały Preserve.

Usually, we run this route in opposite direction

The summary

We’ve finished the 13km route in around 1,5 hours. It was challenging but also rewarding run. I wish to do as many of them as I can during this sprint. It will be probably the last season around here for some time.

Strava route:

See you next time!

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