Reading list #4

Next weekend, next reading list. This time again, lots of links related to Javascript. Enjoy!

Enhancing Optimistically
Filament group revisits Cutting the Mustard technique.

JavaScript Object Creation: Patterns and Best Practices
Refreshing article about various methods of object creation in Javascript

React: ES5 (createClass) or ES6 (class)?
Explaining two different ways of creating React components.

12 Books Every JavaScript Developer Should Read
Eric Elliott proposes twelve books for aspiring Javascript developers.

One weird trick that will change the way you code forever: JavaScript TDD

Rails Progress Indicator for Turbolinks Using Nprogress
Brandon's Hilkert short tutorial about implementing progressbar with Rails & Turbolinks

Ruby Iterators, Enumerators, Enumerable, and Loops
Always useful summary of how to work with Ruby's iterators, enumerators and loops! Super useful!

Improving CSS quality at Facebook and beyond
Great perspective to see how they maintain quality CSS at the scale of Facebook.

The Essential Meta Tags for Social Media
Short overview of the necessary meta tags for social media to display rich previews.

Tools & Libraries

An opinionated set of tasks that can be registered with gulp to quickly enable building of static assets.

WTF is Solid?
Solid is BuzzFeed's CSS style guide.

Angular 1.x styleguide (ES2015)
Best practices on writing modern, manageable Angular 1.x apps

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