Reading list #7 - Rainy Sunday edition

It's Sunday and it's raining. Perfect day just to grab cup of coffee, wear warm socks, sit in comfortable chair and enjoy reading. This week I've collected quite large set of interesting topics, so feel free to take a look and start reading!

On programming (and around)

Ruby on Rails Guides (v5.0.0)
Ruby on Rails guides updated to version 5. Best way to head start with new release of this popular framework.

Notes from Dan Abramov's Idiomatic Redux course on
Awesome writeup - very detailed coverage of the Idiomaitc Redux course.

React/Redux – Best Practices & Gotchas
Overview of techniques, best practices and potential problems when developing large React & Redux apps. From Stream, the creators of Cabin tutorial.

A Comprehensive Introduction to Webpack, the Module Bundler
Using Webpack for the first time may be confusing. With this introduction guide you can learn the basics and proceed to more advanced topics with a breeze!

Structuring CSS in large projects
Writing CSS is easy. Writing maintainable CSS is hard. Learn how team is doing that.

BEM & Atomic Design: A CSS Architecture Worth Loving
Merging Atomic Design & BEM into single architecture. There are some gotchas and questions to be answered… Take a look.

Making And Maintaining Atomic Design Systems With Pattern Lab 2
A deep look into second release of Pattern Lab. Again Atomic Design System at play.

Apple’s new design style in iOS 10 is a statement on accessibility
An overview of iOS 10 design style changes (with focus on accessibility of the interface).

The Conjoined Triangles of Senior-Level Development
The special feats of Senior-Level roles. It's kind of unique.

On living better life

Don't need to summarize the articles, because the titles are quite self-explanatory. But every week I'm trying to read couple of such articles.

Enjoy reading, improve your skills and your life. Till next time.

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