Slow and low July 2017

Summer in London is different than in Poland - I guess, it's more bearable. Not so much extreme weather changes, not freaking hot, which is good for living in the city. This month passed quickly, again. Let's look into July in my quick, monthly retrospective.

On running

I put less effort into training this month. Yes, I remember that I wanted to train more consistently, but well… I didn't. It never works this way.

Some stats from Strava: * 10 activities * 8 hours of training * 75 kilometers

Englischer Garten

I think the only notable activity was the last one in that month, 14km run through Englischer Garten in Munich. I was again on a business trip and I went for it after work on rainy, Tuesday afternoon.

Running in Englischer Garten
A view on the park & Munich city from the highest point in Englischer Garten,

Englischer Garten is one of the biggest city park I've even been to. It's quite amazing you can have such space in a large city. I like many curved paths, small bridges, and tiny streams.

Running in Englischer Garten
Love the colors, green trees and paths around Englischer Garten, Munich, Germany

It took me 1,5h to run through it, in N-S direction and then back to the hotel. When I'll be in Munich again, I'm definitely gonna repeat this, just on a slightly different route.

Walking in a park

On one of the weekends, I've got a chance to visit again Richmond Park, here in London. A family of my wife visited us for a week and they did quite an intensive tour through major attractions in the city.

On Sunday we went to Richmond park to see the deer. Unfortunately, we didn't spot any in a close range, just a few quite further in the fields. Perhaps it is because it's now a season when they have their offspring and are more careful.

Richmond Park Photowalk
One of the many stunning views in Richmond Park, London

I love this area though. It feels completely detached from the city. You're surrounded by the trees, grass, and sky. There's a lake in the center with a lot of wild ducks and birds. A long walk through the park can be very relaxing and can serve as stress relief.

And that's about it. See you next time!

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