Winter training, February 2018

February is the shortest month in a year, will this be a brief update then? Lets find out.

Running and training

I've started the month with a plan to slightly improve my January stats. While I had good progress in the first two weeks, the second half was less active, and in the end, I didn't achieve better total distance.

It wasn't that bad though. I've finished with 58km and 9 hours of training. That was 10 runs and three visits to the gym.

February 5x5k Challenge

I've managed to complete one interesting challenge from Strava - the February 5x5k Challenge. I decided to run in the morning. Doing it was somewhat difficult - early mornings were cold, dark and I battled to get up and go out.

In the end, I'm happy that I've done it. I was never an early riser, so getting up at around 6 AM every day was hard. But it taught me, that this is something that is possible with just little effort. You know: "Sometimes the hardest part is just to close the door behind you."

Parkrun @ Richmond Park

The first weekend of February, on Saturday, I've participated in 5km Parkrun race at Richmond Park. It was my first Parkrun in that location, so I was a little curious how the route looks.

It turns out, the first half was easy with a lot of downhill, and the struggle is on the 2nd part. I've managed to finish with a good time, around 25:19.

Parkrun at Richmond Park, London!

Running at Richmond Park

Beside mentioned Parkrun, I've also done a second run there, three weeks later.

It was quite cold and windy because of the winter weather coming to the UK. But I was also able to catch last moments of the sunshine in the late afternoon, so the views were great.

Nice, sunny afternoon run in Richmond Park, London

Bonus, I've spotted a group of deer, freely roaming quite close to the path where I was running. Great experience!

A group of deer in Richmond Park, London

Winter in London

Speaking of winter… We had quite unusual weather in London last week, with snow, cold wind and freezing temperature. I must say, it wasn't enjoyable so I'm glad its now over ;-)

Full blown winter in London!

Magento Partner Kickoff meeting - ACHIEVE 2018

I've joined Magento Partner Kickoff meeting as creativestyle is a solution partner of Magento.

Magento ACHIEVE 2018
Magento ACHIEVE 2018

Some key takeaways from the presentations through the day:

If you're interested in more details about this topic, feel free to reach out to me, and I can share some more information.

Summing up with few words - it was an interesting event. I've learned lots of new insights about the planned roadmap. I've also had a chance to meet, talk and exchange opinions with other solution partners.

That chapter closed my monthly update. Thanks for reading this, and until the next time!

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