• First day of the spring

    I’m not exactly sure whether it was last day of winter or the first day of spring. But as usual, we’ve set for a run. Initially, we’ve actually planned to go somewhere else, but because of some unforeseen event day before, we’ve settled for a shorter route in Lasek Wolski. Actually, it was the same route we did a week before, but this time in opposite direction. Well, I must tell you – it was worth it!

  • Dirty dozen at Lasek Wolski

    Running this Sunday was all about mud, wet and slippery slopes. We started around 9:00 and traversed some nice trail paths in Lasek Wolski, small forest area in western part of Kraków. It was nice, technical run, mixed with a lot of sliding through mud and rain puddles.

  • Turbacz w marcu

    Sobotniego poranka zrobiliśmy z Krzysztofem solidną trasę. Podejście z Koninek, przez Obidowiec zielonym i czerwonym szlakiem na na Turbacz. Zbieg przez Czoło Turbacza, także Zielonym.

  • Magic run

    There is always something special when reaching the summit. Doesn’t matter if it’s a rocky peak in a high mountain range or a small mound in the city. The reward is there, always. You just need to reach for it.

  • Running up this winter

    I don’t know why, but this season I was too lazy. I’ve only run occasionally, couple times per month (if any). Should improve that maybe during this winter. But from time to time, anyway I always enjoy a break from the city.

    Last weekend of November I went on a nice trail run with my friend Krzysztof. It wasn’t that short anyway. In under 2 hours we’ve covered the distance of around 13,5km.

  • Change

  • 2x Śnieżka, edycja 2015

  • Tydzień #3 - z Dusiołkiem w tle

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