Magical sunrise at Richmond Park, London

Early Sunday last week I went for a long run as one of the final training runs before the upcoming marathon. I ran through the Richmond Park and the sunrise I've witnessed left me stunned. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I've ever seen.

I've started early, around 5AM. I passed first 13 kilometers through the city streets, running south, towards Hammersmith, through the bridge on the Thames and further in the direction of Wimbledon.

The streets were calm, and I've enjoyed listening to the Rich Roll Podcast featuring interview with Knox Robinson - “Running is an act of rebellion” - highly recommend if you're a runner.

The Richmond Park

Just before 7AM, I've reached Richmond Park, approaching from the east side, near the golf course. And it was about the right time. It was getting brighter as the sun was about to come up. The fields of the nearby golf course were covered in fog. I ran past them and entered the paths of the park.

Richmond Golf Course
Early morning view on Richmond Park Golf Course

Richmond Park welcomed me with warm colors of the sunrise. I ran through small hills and fields, passing by old majestic trees.

Warm sunrise light flooding the scene

There were, of course, couple deer, chilling on nearby pastures.

Lone deer looking for some tranquility... unfortunately was followed by bunch of photographers.

The Pen Ponds

Light rays dripping through the trees, Pen Ponds, Richmond Park

The culminating point was on the passage between the Upper and Lower Pen Ponds. The eerie glow of the sun rays in the fog, covering everything with bright yellow and orange shades. I've stopped there for few minutes and just admired the view.

Eerie view, sunrise, light, fo at Richmond Park

I've finished running through Sawyer's Hill back down to Richmond Riverside where I've stopped my clock - 21km 370m, about the distance of half-marathon.

Feel free to check the rest of the photos on Flickr. If you want to share your thoughts, click on the comments section below expand it and leave feedback. And if you happen to be around in London, drop me an email, and we can run together!

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